Zach and Will - Uncut Twinks

Upload: 05/05/2012 21 mins

Will is back again at Amateurs Do It and this time he gets to fuck the ass off of hot hunk Zach in front of our cameras. These lads certainly are hot, and uncut with very nice foreskin covered cock heads that look SO delicious. Will once again takes charge, feeding his big dick to Zach's warm mouth once the boys had engaged in a whole lot of making and fumbling. Their cocks were hard pretty much right from the get-go. Zach is such a great cock sucker, but Will got his fair share of dick gobbling in too. They were so into one another!

Zach puts 110% effort into giving head and with Will having such a nice piece of meat to work on, he really went to town on the stud with his deep throat. Will fucked his handsome face so nicely for a long time before craving a taste of Zach's own thick cock. Will is still a bit new to it, but he did a great job
and soon had Zach moaning and horny as hell. So horny in fact that he soon has his tongue buried up Will's hairy ass, making the hot lad horny himself beyond belief. And we all know what happened next!

Will was beside himself with utter lust after he go rimmed, so he made sure to fuck Zach's face for a while longer before bending his hot new bottom over for a good filling. Zach can take a big cock so well, pushing his ass back to meet with Will's powerful thrusts. He gets taken from behind for some time before the two boys break off into a mutual jerk off session that leaves them both spent and covered in their messy, sticky cum!