Zach and Mickael - No Limits

Upload: 07/11/2012 13 mins

When we at Amateurs Do It say 'no limits', we're referring to Zach's incredible ability to fuck an ass as hard a he possibly can. And of course Mickael loved every second of it. How could he not?! Both of these lean lads are blessed with very nice, uncut dicks and are so hungry to have them in their mouths that they can't even wait until their pants are all the way off. Now that's our kind of amateur porn! Of course, the kissing is extremely passionate, as these boys are very, very much into one another!

Mickael is such a great cock sucker, really getting off on how much he turns his top on. Zach just kicks back and enjoys the ride as his long, slender, uncut man meat is sucked for it's worth. And when it comes to sound effects Mickael doesn't pull any punches on the sounds he makes with his mouth! And who can blame for Zach for rimming the hell out of that perfectly fuckable ass? It's so round and delicious looking. Any man would want a piece of that butt. Mmm. Zach really tongue fucks him good too, getting deep into it!

By the time all the rimming is done, both men are far beyond ready to fuck. So Zach condoms and lubes up and takes the ride of his life inside that sweet, but very willing asshole. Mickael is adorable as his hole gets fucked mercilessly by the well hung Aussie lad Zach. Yeah, these boys definitely belong on Amateurs Do It and prove that amateurs know how to put on a sensational show!