X Laptop Addicted

Upload: 11/26/2009 22 mins

Sexy bleach-blonde 19 year old X is an amateur who seems destined for porn stardom, what with a name like that! In fact, he loves to watch porn, loves sex and loves to show off. He came in to be filmed because it always turned him on to think about doing something like this. He says his favourite place to jack off is on the bed and he likes to listen to hardcore trance music or rave music. The fast pace of the beat gives him a rhythm he can follow when jerking off his meat.

X goes into the bedroom and opens a laptop. Whatever he is watching, it seems to turn him on instantly. He puts his hands inside his shirt and starts to touch himself. His other hand unties the laces of his board shorts and gets to work on his crotch. As his arousal grows, he then continues by taking off his shirt and shorts. Now down to his underwear, he puts his hand inside his briefs to stroke himself. All the while, he glances over at the screen, making him feel more intense lust and building up the heat in his body. He pulls down his briefs and tosses them aside.

His naked body is smooth all over and his pubes are neatly trimmed. He jacks off his cock, making it stiffen. Once fully erect, the pink head of his uncut cock peaks through the foreskin, which retracts with each downward stroke of his hand on the shaft. He closes the laptop and takes out an mp3 player, no doubt listening to some trance or rave music. He moves over to the living room and settles on the couch where he continues wanking off. His throbbing cock is now bigger and harder than ever. He jerks himself faster and faster until he finally expels his cock juice in a stream of strong spurts!