Valentino & Yanis

Upload: 12/31/2020

Valentino is back! And this time we’ve paired the uncut Italian muscle boy with uncut French twink Yanis. The first thing Yanis notices is Valentino’s abs, and he can’t keep his hands off. The two compare tattoos during a strip tease, then they are quickly pulling on one another’s cocks. Yanis is ready in no time and pushes Valentino up against the wall to make out, suck his nipples, and get his mouth on the top’s cock.

Valentino pins Yanis to the floor by kneeling over his chest with his cock in Yanis’ mouth, then leans forward to fuck the bottom’s throat. The bottom gets his reward when Valentino flips him onto all fours to spit on his hole and eat his ass. Yanis soon slides onto Valentino’s cock, mounting him in cowboy position. It’s a tight fit, but the minute Yanis gets Valentino hilted, he’s bouncing on it like his life depends on it. Wanting more control, Valentino gets into Yanis doggy style and pounds him, before Yanis blows his load on his stomach in missionary and Valentino moves forward to spray his load all over his face. The two make out with Valentino’s load swapping between them.