Miles Nicely Sized

Upload: 11/11/2010 17 mins

Miles is a handsome 20 year old who says he is straight but is curious to find out how it feels to show off on cam. He is 5 foot 10, 74 kilos and claims to have an 8.5 incher which he is very much excited to show and prove to everyone. He immediately sets the mood by touching his body right on the couch. His hands move across his chest over the cloth of his shirt but one hand moves lower on his body, reaching and grasping his crotch. He promptly begins to heat up and take off his shirt, exposing his lean and smooth body. Opening the fly on his pants, he slips his hand inside and rubs his crotch. With that, he goes ahead and takes off his pants. His hands continue to roam over his chest, abs and crotch. One hand slides under the waistband of his underwear to play with his cock while the other tickles his nipples, compounding to the pleasurable sensation. As his cock hardens, it begins to peek out of his undies, leading him to lose them altogether.

His cock grows longer and longer, thicker and thicker with every stroke as he jacks it off dextrously. His naked body looks awesome, with dark skin all over and lean, firm muscles underneath. He kneels on the couch and jacks off, then sits down. Later, he lies down on his back, still stroking his cock and playing with his body, heightening the pleasure even further. He takes some lubricant and rubs it on his cock as he gets ready to intensify the heat…

His cock is now fully erect and, true to what he claims, it is immense! He jacks it off, gradually increasing the pace and the tightness of his grip. Soon, he is stroking himself at full speed; his hand rapidly beating up and down the full length of his thick, hard shaft. It ultimately takes him to the edge of pleasure as he erupts in orgasm; squirting out his load on his tummy!