Mars & Rhys

Upload: 03/26/2020

Mars is a bit shy at first. His sweet smile and ginger complexion make it easy to tell when he’s blushing, and given this is his first shoot, he’s definitely a little flushed! Luckily, Rhys is a friendly, compassionate Brazilian boy who is no stranger to a hot, fun fuck. The two men aren’t sure how to start, but once they begin kissing, everything else falls away and they fall deep into their fantasy scene.

Rhys kisses up and down Mars’ body, licking him and caressing him until he reaches his hard, hung cock. Rhys kisses Mar’s member, licking it as it swells inside his mouth; feeling his heavy nuts gently tickle his chin. Mars is turned on by his handsome lover, forgetting about his nerves as he becomes a total fucking machine!

He presses his face between Rhys’ furry, caramel ass cheeks, tasting his tight hole before sliding his finger inside. Desperate to feel his cock inside, he places Rhys on his back. The ginger top watches as his unwrapped pink cock disappears inside his bottom’s tan ass, sending a rush of pleasure throughout his body. Mars fucks him hard and deep, pounding into Rhys’ prostate, trying to hold off his orgasm for as long as he can!