Marko Pick Up Solo

Upload: 10/22/2009 16 mins

Marko is one horny guy who just loves to give himself "a hand" as he puts it. He was eager to show off as well, but he couldn’t find the place so he asked to be picked up at the town centre. In other words, he needed a hand so he could be watched as gave himself a hand - of a different kind!

He was dressed smartly in a white button down shirt and trousers as he got in the car. He quickly changed to something more comfortable as he talked a little about himself. He says he is a surfer dude who loves to hang out with his mates. At the end of every busy day, he treats himself as only he can and today, he’s going to show exactly how.

After taking off his top, this sexy guy’s hands start getting to work, probing inside the waistband of his board shorts. Pretty soon, he’s pulled them down his waist, revealing a tight pair of black Calvin Klein briefs. He gets his hand inside those as well, smiling seductively. He moves over to the bedroom, taking it all off.

Now fully naked, his surfer body looks hot as ever, as he lays himself down on his back. He starts to give his cock the full attention it deserves. His hands stroke and caress it, getting it harder and harder. His sexy eyes and naughty smile show how much he is lustily enjoying himself. He picks up the pace, jerking off faster and faster before slowing down again, teasing himself, delaying his release and prolonging his ecstasy. His beautiful cut cock is totally hard – and totally perfect! When he starts jerking off faster again, he can’t help himself this time.

Marko moans in pleasure as he climaxes and shoots he comes, spilling his creamy semen on his belly, grunting in sheer pleasure. He rests, and then cools down with a quick shower. That was really some "hand" he gave himself.