Leo Sexy Shave

Upload: 12/22/2011 16 mins

Leo is eager to show what he's got. He sits down on the couch and sips on a glass of wine, talking about being new in town and how he is enjoying the gay scene. He says he is a mixed Greek/Italian/Irish/Australian and it shows in his dark curly hair and beautiful eyes. When asked to show off his body, he takes off his shirt to expose a lean, toned physique. He shaves most of his body hair but leaves the trail going down to his pants, perhaps as a tease for what he’s hiding.

He takes off his pants and is down to his briefs as the focus shifts to the bulge in front and the buns behind. He puts his hand in his briefs and takes out his cut cock, proudly mentioning that he can get as big as 8.5 inches when he’s feeling really hot. Plus, he’s wearing his cock ring today so he’s definitely aiming to impress. He gets completely naked and starts stroking himself as he watches some porn on the laptop – and his meat does start to grow!

He goes into the bathroom and shaves his balls and then continues to stroke his cock. His muscles flex nicely as he moves. But he wants more heat so he goes into the sauna booth. He lubes up and resumes wanking. His cock gets totally hard - and just as big as he said it would be! He takes a dildo and sucks it before putting it beside his own cock, jerking each one with each hand. Getting even more aroused, he starts himself in the ass with the dildo. The sensation is so intense that it keeps his cock as hard as ever. He lies down and jacks off hard and fast, grunting sensuously until he reaches a climax – with big spurts of cum shooting onto his stomach!