Kyle Big Load

Upload: 11/19/2009 12 mins

Platinum-blonde amateur Kyle is into running and fitness, and most of all, wanking off! This horny dude has a particular fondness for nipple play and it is his main way of getting stimulated. Once aroused, he is capable of some impressive things.

He comes in in his running attire and goes straight up to the attic where he almost immediately begins to touch and caress himself. Starting relatively slowly but building up the pace quickly, he pays particular attention to his nipples, sensuously touching them through his jersey. Hurriedly, he gets excited and, stirring up his erotic cravings, takes his shirt and shorts off. He is now down to his underwear. He continues to stimulate his nipples as his other hand grabs and gropes the bulging piece of meat on his crotch. He pokes his cock out of the front hole of his underwear, continuing to enthusiastically rub it for pure sexual pleasure.

As he gets harder and harder, he finally takes off his underwear and carries on jacking off while still pinching and caressing his nipples, triggering even more and more sheer delight. Gradually, he shifts his attention less and less from his nipples and more and more onto his ever-stiffening and growing cock. Once fully erect, his hands are almost exclusively working on his meat, hastily jerking up and down his full length. He takes his time, basking in the extremely pleasurable sensation of wanking off. Steadily, he intensifies and increases the pace and rhythm of his hand on his cock, relentlessly beating up and down as he moans softly and starts to breathe more and more heavily.

The pace of his jerking finally builds up to a climax… he points his shooter out in front of him for the final release… he comes hard and abundantly, shooting his massive load far and wide over the floor. Then he relaxes as he slowly comes down from the high of his orgasm.