Jordon 21yo Shower Jerk

Upload: 08/09/2012 12 mins

Beautiful guys come in all shapes and ages. For lovers of young twinks, Jordon could be at the top of the list of the hottest guys ever featured on This 19 year old amateur hottie has black hair and beautiful hazel eyes that really draw you in.

At 1.80 m and 65 kg, this young bloke has a nicely sculpted, lean body that is sexy and smooth all over. You can tell he's no slouch or couch potato, and he actually keeps fit by going to the gym and boxing too. I know what you're thinking, we all love a fighter!

Although he loves to bottom for all kinds of guys, he prefers guys around his age or slightly older. I think there's a long line of men waiting for their turn so maybe you should pick a number?

Although young Jordon has never done anything like this on film before he's agreed to do an amateur shower jerk off shoot for the guys.

Jordon strips off all of his clothes and steps into the shower. He gets himself wet and lathers up with soap, looking absolutely delicious from head to toe. The nicely-shaped muscles of his lean, athletic frame flex beautifully as he moves under the flowing water.

When he steps out to dry himself, he starts to stroke the most erogenous part of his anatomy. His uncut cock is very nicely shaped and as he strokes it to a full erection, all 7.5 inches of it look like an amazingly delicious treat.

Although he started off with a shower jerk off, being out of there and on the floor is probably safer considering the attention he pays to his boner. He takes his time stroking himself and caressing his smooth body, but as with most young guys, he quickly gets caught up in the heat of erotic passion.

His hands start moving up and down his long, thick shaft faster and faster. From his position sitting down on the bathroom floor, he gets up to a kneeling position as his hands are now wanking his cock as hard and as fast as he can. Breathing heavily, Jordon finally lets it all fly in a climax, spurting his creamy cum onto the dark tiles of the bathroom floor!

Although this was his very first video, I think he's going to be back again real soon, and this time for more than just a shower jerk off video too.