Grayson & Colton

Upload: 11/23/2018 24:21

Colton can see Grayson is a little nervous and knows just how to get him relaxed. The beefy top strips down the first timer and begins to massage his chest and shoulders. Colton feels a rush of emotion take over as he feels himself submit to his muscular partner. As Colton removed his clothes, he becomes hypnotized by the man’s huge cock, hungry to feel it in in his mouth and ass. But before Colton takes advantage of his eager, young bottom, he gives him a thorough massage, running his oiled, big hands over his tight body. Colton feels his dominant side come out with the lean man beneath, giving his ass some playful slaps as he claims whats his. In short order, Grayson is on his knees, worshipping the big man’s huge cock. Colton is impressed with his skills as a cocksucker, but can’t wait to feel his thick meat slide inside the young man’s hole!