Erik & Xavier

Upload: 06/07/2019

Erik and Xavier return for a hot one-on-one session! The two hot men love getting to fool around together, especially when they can be relaxed and comfortable, mixing laughter and silliness with passionate kissing. Xavier removes Erik’s shirt, giving him access to kiss and touch his smooth, athletic chest. Erik reciprocates by licking Xavier’s nipples, tasting his furry armpits, and drinking in his sexy body. He moves to his partner’s thick, uncut cock, stroking it in his hand as it begins to fill his mouth. Xavier then devours Erik’s ass, feeling his soft cheeks against his face as he warms his hole up for his hot cock. Xavier doesn’t need much to get him ready; Erik is eager to feel the massive meat penetrate his tight hole and fill him deep… Once Xavier gets him on all fours, he delivers an expert fucking, making Erik’s ass jiggle and bounce as he loudly moans for more!