Dillon & Colton

Upload: 06/21/2019

Sexy daddy Colton is teamed up with newcomer Dillon for a hot, aggressive fuck to make the young bottom’s toes curl. Dillon loves a bigger, stronger guy dominating him and plowing his tight hole, and Colton fits the bill perfectly! As soon as they’re set loose on each other, Colton strips off Dillon’s clothes, giving him the first glimpse of the bottom’s round, soft bubble butt. He runs his hands all over the young guy’s body, massaging him and getting him hungry for an even deeper sensation.

Colton stretches out as Dillon grabs his massive cock, worshipping it and sucking it as it gets harder between his lips. Colton can’t wait to feel his shaft sliding into Dillon's tight hole, bending him over on all fours to get a perfect view of his big dick’s hard penetration. Dillon holds onto his pillow tightly, doing everything he can to stay in place as this giant top behind him pounds with full force into his prostate!

Dillon moans as his ass is assaulted, loving every intense thrust of his big daddy…