Corey Just 18yo

Upload: 10/08/2009 26 mins
Tags: cum shot, solo, twinks

Twink lovers will surely get their fill by watching Corey, a very handsome 18 year old amateur who has decided to take the plunge and perform on camera. He had thought about this kind of thing before, but now he is finally getting on with it. He has never had any experiences with guys, but he has fantasized about it for a while now and came close to doing it for real one time. He has, however, done with a girl before.

Because it is just his first time, Corey starts off nervously and self-consciously, but in almost no time, he lets his natural horny instincts take over. He touches himself through the fabric of his clothes – on his chest, his stomach and on his crotch. Once he gets down there, he starts to heat up and loosen up as well. Unbuttoning his shirt, he slides his hand under the cloth to feel his skin and caress his chest, nipples and belly. He then completely takes off his shirt, revealing a slim and smooth body. He touches himself all over. When one of his hands roams over again to his crotch, he can’t help but start playing…

He takes off his pants and starts to play with the bulge in his underwear. It visibly grows bigger and harder. He flips over on the bed and rubs up against the mattress, delighting in the pleasure he feels. He lets his hand get inside his briefs to play with his cock and then finally takes off this last piece of clothing on his body.

Corey wanks off on the bed, getting himself harder and harder with each stroke of his hand. His cock is uncut, with a nice pinkish head that quickly moistens as the precum starts to leak. He wanks off in different positions – kneeling first, before lying down on his back. His plays with his cock and keeps it hard and hot by alternating from fast, hard strokes to slow, gentle ones. But he is young and eager to explode, so he starts wanking off furiously, wanting badly to get off… When it finally arrives, the climax seems to make him shudder with pleasure as he shoots his load onto his stomach!