Connor 20yo Top

Upload: 10/15/2009
Tags: cum shot, solo, twinks

20 year old gay top Connor is a cute young boy-next-door type who came in because he was willing to try something new, and he was more than welcome. Although he looks unassuming, he is actually a closet exhibitionist, if there ever was one. He goes into the bedroom to begin showing off. Getting up on the bed, he starts to touch his body and his crotch through his clothes, arousing himself. With his body heating up, he peels off his top and touches the skin all over his torso. His body is nice and smooth and the act of playing with his chest and nipples arouses him even more. He then pulls down his shorts, revealing a sexy pair of black boxer briefs. He plays with the bulge through the cloth of his briefs, making it grow steadily. He puts his hand under the waistband and continues playing with himself before he proceeds to peel off his briefs and get completely naked.

Lying on the bed for all to see, he continues playing with his body. One hand roams all over his chest and tummy, while the other hand concentrates on his steadily hardening meat. His cock is thick and uncut, and it turns out that it is one of his favourite playthings. He strokes it up and down, jacking off as he touches his nipples and plays with his chest. He takes his sweet time as he progressively jerks off, keeping a constant and controlled pace. His keeps his cock hard and continues to explore all over his body at the same time.

Soon after, the heat and arousal coursing throughout his body become uncontrollable. His hands correspondingly begin work faster and faster, jerking on his cock more furiously. Finally, he shoots his cum; squirts of his jizz landing on his tummy!