Cody Hung Real Hung

Upload: 10/01/2009 12 mins

27 year old Cody has come back to be filmed again doing the solo thing. This 27 year old amateur hottie has light brown hair and eyes and a lean and smooth body with some fine hair. He has brought with him one of his favourite toys – a double headed dildo – and he is eager to show off what he can do with such a thing…

Still fully clothed, Cody’s hands start working as they sensually caress his body. As he heats up, he takes his clothes off and is soon own to his boxer briefs. He touches and massages the bulge underneath and later slips his hand under the waistband. As the bulge grows, he takes it off and gets completely naked. He moves over to the bed and lies down, stroking his stiffening cock. His uncut dick is massive – long, thick and very, very nice. It starts to leak some precum… Keeping himself aroused by constantly stroking his hand up and down the thick length of his shaft, he turns begins to work on his tight ass… He tickles himself with his finger before taking the dildo out…

He rubs one tip of the long double headed dildo at the entrance of his hole. All the while, he is jacking off furiously. He takes the dildo up into his ass, squeezing tight as he gradually pushes it inward deeper and deeper. The sensation of fucking himself while jerking off is totally intense. His breathing gets heavier and hotter with each successive stroke – both into his hole and on his hardness… As he feels his climax approaching, he takes out the dildo and concentrates on jacking his cock as fast and as hard as possible, taking him to the edge of pleasure… the climax bursts throughout his body, expelling his liquid manhood onto his belly! As he slowly cools down, he takes some of his cum and rubs it on his chest. He is one satisfied horny dude.