Alex and Lockie Mates Surprise

Upload: 05/19/2011 54 mins

Lochie is sitting alone, nervous for what's about to happen. He has a friend, Alex, coming. Alex doesn't know that he'll be his partner today. Alex is supposed to be straight but knows that Lochie is gay. However, he doesn't know that Lochie has admired him for quite some time now. However it plays out, it's going to be a big surprise for Alex.

In another room, Alex, a cute, spiky-haired 18 year old guy is waiting. He says he is straight and has never done it with a guy but has thought about it and is curious. Today, he has come to explore that side of him. Finally, the two guys get into the same room…

Alex is shocked and feels a little weird about Lochie since he is someone he has known for some time now. But Lochie is totally turned on. He goes ahead and initiates the action by kissing Alex and grabbing his crotch. They roll around on the couch kissing torridly. Apparently, Alex is enjoying this and is much more open to being with a guy than he used to think.

The two guys put their hands all over each other's bodies. They kiss and lick each other all over as their shirts come off. Lochie rides on top of Alex's bulge, feeling the hardness beneath him. Then, they go over to the bedroom…

Lochie takes out Alex's cock and starts sucking on it. Long, hard and thick, Alex's cock gets expertly sucked and stroked as only a real gay man like Lochie can. He takes it even further when he gets on top and rides Alex's hard tool. They shift to a dog-style position as the bed shakes with their wild fucking.

Eventually, Lochie concentrates on making Alex come for the first time with a gay guy. He lets Alex lie on his back as he takes care of Alex's cock, sucking and stroking it until Alex finally explodes in a hot orgasm.

With Alex saying that he enjoyed his first time, Lochie can't help but grin ear to ear thinking this might happen again in the near future.