Aaron - Hairy Hunk Workout

Upload: 08/10/2011 14 mins

Super-hot amateur hunk Aaron has returned for another solo session. With a trimmed beard and semi-shaved head, he has a natural appeal that translates well to the camera because of his handsome, masculine features and his amazingly perfect body. Just one look and it is obvious that he is all man from head to toe.

Aaron settles upon an inclined cable pull up machine where he starts to work out with his shirt off. As he lifts himself up and down the incline, awesome muscles pump and make him seem even hotter than he already is. His body is simply breath-taking – a broad chest with bulging pecs, a narrow waist with ripped abs and lots of hair from his chest all the way down to his crotch. His powerful arms and legs are bulging and rippling with perfect muscles. Sensing that the mere sight of his body has turned on the heat in the room, he starts to oil himself all over, including under his shorts…

As he massages the oil on his body and crotch, he gets so aroused that he finally whips out his cock. Like the rest of him, it is gorgeous – long, thick and uncut. He jacks off, making it grow even more. As he gets harder and harder, he strokes himself steadily, taking his time. Peeling off his shorts, he now lays completely naked and hard. The sight of his naked body and huge, erect penis is one of the hottest things ever and he makes sure that he gets seen this way as long as possible by prolonging the arrival of his climax. He skilfully strokes himself so that the heat builds gradually. He savours every stroke of his cock and touch of body. Eventually, he starts to jerk off more intensely, yearning for a final release… Ultimately, he comes, exploding his load on his abs!