6 Way Exposed Amateurs Group Part 1

Upload: 09/19/2013 16 mins

Sam, Henry, Bryce, Lucas, Will and Greg get together for a massive 6-way orgy! The boys have all modeled for Amateurs Do It in the past, so we brought them all back for a party!

We start out with some intros, getting to know the crew. They take a keen interest in each other and you can almost see who will end up hooking up with who, just from the way that they chat with each other and get along.

Next up, the strip shows. We get each of these hotties to start taking off their clothes, right down to their undies. Yes, its pretty obvious that these guys are excited, judging from the big boners that are constantly popping out of their undies. Mmmm, what a nice teaser for what is to cum!

You know this is gonna be a hot one! The boys are hard and keen on getting to know each others bodies a whole lot better, but that has to wait until part 2, coming soon :-)