4way Clay, Carter, Arthur & Nic Part 3

Upload: 07/10/2014 24 mins

We have enjoyed watching these four boys strip, get to know each other a bit and then hop into the bedroom and delight each other with cock sucking and ass licking skills. Now its time to put those huge cocks into action and get fucking!

First up, Arthur fucks Carter while Clay fucks Nic. Then they change it up and Arthur bottoms for Carter. Meanwhile, Clay sucks Nic some more while they both enjoy watching the other boys fuck.

Arthur has a massive load in him and he can't hold back anymore, he spews his sticky cum all over his belly and chest. Clay gets on top of Carter and ejects a huge load all over him. Next up is Carter, who hops on top of Arthur to feel Arthur's balls and cock rubbing against his own balls while he jacks out a load. Nic unloads with a bit of help from Clay. There's a massive amount of cum everywhere, nothing left but to hit the showers!