3 Way - Tyson, Roberto & Dane

Upload: 12/03/2015 28 mins

It's an international feast of amateur men this week. Dane is a local Sydney guy, Tyson cums to us via England and Roberto is a sexy Italian. After a quick introduction Roberto is sandwiched in between Dane and Tyson as they remove his clothes and then push him to his knees and shove their fine cocks in his hungry mouth.

Soon the three are a naked pile of flesh on the floor. Each cock is being sucked and the groans of pleasure intensify. Tyson is the first to get Dane's cock deep inside his ass - bottom boy Roberto is jealous and climbs on top of Tyson making the three into some kind of naked human jenga.

The intense fuck session is capped off with three huge loads - most of which Dane cops all over his pale body. A fine threesome indeed!