Kris and Dee Shy Strangers

Kris and Dee have just met for the first time and are both being shy, unsure of how to act with each other. But underneath, there is an undeniable tension that seeks to be released. Maybe it’s because we all know instantly that as hot-blooded young dudes, they are obviously horny most, if not all of the time. Dee is ruggedly handsome, with the well-built body of a rugby player. His face has a nicely trimmed moustache and beard that only adds to his masculine charm. Kris, on the other hand, is clean-cut and looks like the shy guy next door, who only gets wild at a party – or in bed!

Jasper and Kyle Hardcore Pt 2

The boys are both showered and clean, and excited after having a bit of a play in the water. The action moves into the bedroom, and Kyle is all over Jasper. Kyle's big cock is ready for a hot fuck!

But first, some 69ing and cock sucking to get things rolling. Kyle loves getting sucked off, and Jasper does his best to please! Swallowing that huge throbbing cock must feel wonderful.

Hung Marc Fucks Tight Brenton Pt2

Amateur Australian gay porn guys Marc and Brenton are back, and Marc is extremely horny after getting a deep throat blowjob from Brenton. He wants to get his giant cock inside that hot ass of our Aussie boy Brenton.

Marc starts out by lubing Brenton up a bit with his tongue, rimming that sweet tasty ass. They move into a classic missionary position, Marc rubs his cock slowly into Brenton's own hard cock then against his tight ass, giving Brenton time to get into the rhythm. The grinding starts and so does the moaning and the pleasure!

Hung Marc Fucks Tight Brenton Pt1

Australian amateur gay porn at its hottest, we bring you Marc and Brenton this week.

These two Australian amateur guys are sexy and horny. Marc is a big cock hugely hung top, Brenton is a sexy bottom boy with a tight ass that desires Marc's huge cock. We get these boys together and let it all happen, Australian amateur gay porn style!

Hank Black Monster Hung

Curious amateur Hank is a mature black guy who was wondering what it was like to be watched while doing what he loves doing. This 45 year old says that he is gay and prefers to be a top but can also do other stuff. Today, what he is most excited about is getting the chance to show off his purported 10 incher…

Ed Construction Worker

Sometimes, straight guys are more than happy to show off for anyone of any gender or orientation. Ed is one such guy. This 23 year old hottie is a construction worker by day and a fun-loving, pleasure-seeking wild thing at all other times. He has come in because he wants to show off what he’s got. His chemistry with the camera is instantaneously obvious, what with his blonde hair, gorgeous eyes and chiselled features that give him movie-star good looks. Eager to show off what he’s got, he goes straight to the bathroom and takes off his shirt.

Daniel Semen Shower

Daniel is a young dude with platinum-blonde hair and a sleek, lean, toned body. His sharp features and the presence of a piercing under his lower lip make him look a little tough, like a bad boy, but he is really just a horny lad who’s always up for some action. Even when he’s all alone, as he is today, he totally knows how to enjoy himself and reach the heights of pleasure…

Dane & Roberto Part 2

The rumble in the bathroom continues as Dane and Roberto climb into the bubble bath. Dane can't get enough of rimming Roberto's find ass so this is again where we find them.

They start messing around with the bubbles getting cleaner before they start again to get very very dirty. Dane face fucks Roberto - making him gag on his thick meat.

Blaze 29yo Aussie Dude Jacks

Introducing Blaze, a brand new face here at Amateurs Do It. Blaze is a 29 year old Aussie hottie with some great ink on his body. This boy-next-door was stoked to show off his tattoos, and what a great body to have as a canvas too. We really love his giant dragon across his chest, the way that it peaks out under his singlet was tantalizing to say the least.

Blake and Mickael

Mickael and Blake are back at Amateurs Do It and one we heard how much they were into one another we really couldn't resist putting them in a video together. Blake is older than Mickael, but the man sure loves to server a younger, leather clad stud like him. Following some great making out and groping, the men are soon unclothed and ready for whatever might be. Blake started off the action by dropping to his knees and allowing his face to be fucked with Mickael's big, hard dick!


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