Part 1: Amateur 3 Way - Will, Marco And Eric

Added 08/23/2012
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We are all about the amateur cock on AmateursDoIt, and Will, Marco and Eric have three of the most delicious dicks I think we have had on the site. All three guys are handsome and hot, and after a little bit of an interview where we find out more about them they are so turned on they really could not be held back even if we tried.

This video is actually made in two parts. The first part is the interview session where the blokes talk about themselves, physically and sexually. By that, they really tell all about their bodies, desires, past experiences and preferred roles. Inherently, the questions are all hot and seem to help them get more in the mood for the real thing.

The second part is where it really gets wild. The three blokes make out on the couch and start taking off their tops, kissing, caressing and licking, while their hands explore buns and bulges in each others crotches. As other pieces of clothing come off, they find themselves completely naked, standing together and stroking their buddys amateur cock.

Nipples and dicks get stroked and licked, keeping them all hard with extreme excitement. Exchanging incredible handjobs and blowjobs, they start taking it further and further…

Eric shows his expertise in sucking Will’s yummy uncut amateur cock while Marco gets behind to start pumping his long, beautiful cut meat into his smooth, tight ass. As he pumps him hard and deep from behind, Eric continues sucking Will, thoroughly enjoying the taste of his manmeat. The three guys go on to wank off together, but Eric has done such a great job on Will's cock that Will does not waste much time achieving an incredible climax, spilling his cum on Eric, all over his chest as he kneels before him. Then, Eric and Marco move outside beside the pool where they lie in the sun, jerking off to their own explosive climax!