Amateur Gay 3 Way - John, Will And Eric

Added 11/08/2012
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John, Will and Eric are three hot blokes who have appeared for some solos and a few duo or group videos. But this is the first time the guys have all been together for an amateur gay 3 way, and all of them are totally up for it too. All three are in their 20s so it is no mystery why they seem so hot for some action. Their cocks are ready to be pleasured at a moments notice and as soon as they get the chance they are working on those poles.

John is the dark, exotic type with a naturally buff build, while Will and Eric are the pretty guys with lean, sexy bodies. All three guys are hungry for cock, and after a little bit of an interview where we find out some more about them they get busy!

They are immediately at ease with one another as they start groping and kissing, with their hands roaming over the most sensitive parts of each others bodies – nipples, abs, buns and the bulges in their crotches. Clothes are gradually peeled away until all three are totally naked, with so much wanking, sucking and licking of those uncut boners!

But the best is yet to come as they head to the bedroom for the real action in their amateur gay 3 way, with Will and Eric showing how versatile they really are and both getting some cock up their butts! It might be amateur, but the action is close up and so horny as those intact dicks pump in and out of sucking mouths, tight fuck holes and powerful fists as they do all they can to get the cum loads squirting out.

The finale of this gay amateur 3 way is awesome as they all help each other unload, splashing their cream everywhere and totally getting off on the creamy explosions!