3Way - Luke, Bryce and Will

Added 09/08/2011
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Luke, Bryce and Will are three very cute lads in their 20s who absolutely loved showing off their great bodies and rock hard uncut dicks in a shoot for Amateurs Do It. And one is for sure, these boys sure love sucking cock! Each had their turn being blown and doing the blowing and all the while the kissing and fondling never stopped. It sure didn't take them very long to get naked either!

Luke got a lot of attention in this video, with Bryce and Will really showing him a great time by chewing on his sexy nipples and sucking his big dick. This doesn't mean that Luke didn't get his fair share of dick gobbling in though, as he certainly did. The 69 circle the three lads get into is second to nothing, complete with lots of erotic sound effects and some great deep throat action. What a trio!

Luke, Bryce and Will were SO into all the kissing, nipple play and cock sucking it was hard to tell who was going to be the one getting fucked in the ass. Well...it turned out to be Luke, with Bryce burying his thick Aussie dick deep inside him while Will fed Luke his cock. The finale cum shots are smoking hot too, with lots of kissing, sucking and wanking off before each men shot out his messy jizz. Yet another great shoot from Amateurs Do It!