Toby Speedo Guy

Upload: 12/03/2009 14 mins

Those who appreciate the unique charms of mature men will be excited to watch this 39 year old hottie named Toby. With spiky, highlighted hair, this amateur says he is a versatile gay guy who loves porn and wants to be in porn. Performing on cam like this is his way of fulfilling part of that fantasy.

Toby heads straight into the bedroom and opens the buttons on his shirt. He starts playing with himself, sensually caressing his chest and rubbing his nipples. The tingling erotic sensation gets him to start heating up. He takes off his shirt and shows off a smooth, shaved body with nicely toned muscles all over. Running his hands as he seductively bats his eyes, he takes it further when one hand reaches into his pants and begins to unbutton the fly.

His red speedos peek out of the opened fly of his pants. His hand creeps inside his speedos and starts to move. He slides out of his pants and wanks off, first keeping his cock under the scant cover of his speedos, and then later letting it hang out. His pubes are shaved and his hand strokes his cock steadily into achieving a full erection.

He lies prone on the bed, rubbing his cock on the bed and against his hand. He then flips over to lie on his back, stroking his cock in and out of his speedos. The more he wanks off, the more eager his cock seems to get out of his trunks. He rolls over again to finally pull them off, showing his smooth, sexy butt. He rubs his cock on the bed and turns around once again to lie on his back. His naked body looks totally hot, now that he is completely hard and jacking off as hard as he can. He pumps and pumps until he finally shoots his load abundantly, splashing all the way up to his chest!