4way Carter, Hunter, Jason & Nic Part 3

Upload: 08/21/2014 26 mins

The grand climax is coming! Our four hot studs Jason, Hunter, Nic and Carter are now fucking and sucking each other's hard cocks. The pleasure is intensifying, the boys are really loving all these cocks and having so much attention on their own cocks.

Carter gets fucked deep and Hunter shoots his massive load. This gets Nic super horny, so he keeps fucking Carter's tight ass until he gets close. He pulls out and straddles Carter, jerking his throbbing cock and finishing with a sticky load across Carterв's chest and neck.

Now its Jason's turn to fuck, he hops up on Carter and starts penetrating his previously used ass, enjoying knowing that Nic just had his big cock in there! A grand explosion of cum as everyone sighs relief from an amazing sex orgy! Time to hit the showers.