4way Carter, Hunter, Jason & Nic Part 1

Upload: 08/07/2014 21 mins
Tags: Group, interview

What's the best way to break the ice and start a four man orgy? Get them all naked right away, of course! That's exactly what we did when we got Carter, Hunter, Jason and Nic together for a very sexy gay boy orgy party.

With all four guys naked and soft, we capture the first moments of this orgy as they sit in a row, touching for the first time, then pushing and shoving in a bit of a play. Well, it certainly was not long before the boys got comfy and frisky with each other.

Oops, did he accidentally touch your cock? Perhaps he needs to kiss it better! Even better if he swallows your whole cock, sucking it and getting it erect. That's exactly what happens next as the four hotties move to the bed and start kissing, jerking and sucking each other.