4 Way Blake, Ethan, Greg & Rhys Part 1

Upload: 03/07/2013 14 mins
Tags: Group, interview

This is one of our hottest updates yet! We bring back four of our members favorites, introduce them and let them play. And these Aussie guys certainly do appreciate it too, cumming up with an amazing sex foursome orgy.

This first part of the orgy sees Blake, Ethan, Greg and Rhys getting together, meeting and sussing each other out. It looks like they are all equally impressed as we are with their hot bods, bulging cocks and willingness to do whatever it takes to give each other a fantastic time too.

We start with the intros, keeping things PG for a short time while we get to know the boys and they get to know each other. But its not long before they start getting into the horseplay, grabbing each other and taking their shirts off. A bit of nipple play is much appreciated and gets the games rolling. Its not long before pants are off and the boys are strutting their stuff in their undies.

The boys decide quickly to pair up, getting each other rock hard as they kiss, lick and feel their ways to excitement. But don't worry, these boys want to sample the full buffet, so swapping is definitely in order and happens quickly and often as the boys get naked and start tasting each others big cocks!

Rhys decides he wants more, so he lies down and takes two cocks in his mouth, and Ethan and Greg are grateful for this sucking action. Blake enjoys the show, then gets himself smack in the middle of the action.

Stay tuned for the rest of this hot foursome video next week!