Toby Speedo Guy

Those who appreciate the unique charms of mature men will be excited to watch this 39 year old hottie named Toby. With spiky, highlighted hair, this amateur says he is a versatile gay guy who loves porn and wants to be in porn. Performing on cam like this is his way of fulfilling part of that fantasy.

Zach Get Me Off

Zach is a big beefy guy with a very nice cock who wanted to do a shoot for us a Amateurs Do It. He's got that big rugby player look to him, with just the right amount of extra meat on him to make him irresistible. We put some porn on the tube for him so he could lay back in his shorts and play with himself. Zach loves feeling his body, caressing himself. It's very erotic to watch and makes a dude pull out his own dick and wank it, that's for damn sure!

Timothy Sexy Bottom Cyber Wank

The guys featured on Amateurs Do It are regular guys, just like you and me. And like us, they need to unload and turn to internet porn for some relief too. In this week's update, Timothy is feeling randy and is all by himself, so he decides to do some surfing!

Well, its not long before Timothy is watching some hot porn videos and has his cock out stroking it off. He plays with his cock, enjoying feeling it getting bigger and harder in his hands. He stands up, jerks off and fantasizes about the video that he is watching.

Todd Gym Fit Bottom

Amateurs Do It Always get guys that are in pretty good shape, but Todd is extra special in that department. This tattooed Aussie hottie loves working out and loves showing off his hard work in the gym even more. He also keeps some chest hair intact, which is something rather rare in porn these day we find. The man also has a very nice, uncut cock and sure looks great stroking it on video for us all. Todd is a quiet one, ignoring the camera and getting down to business. Which is just fine by us and we're quite sure you will enjoy him that way too!


Shhhh ...Roberto is talking. He's Italian and that accent just makes us melt. Half the time I'm not even listening to what he is saying - though the bottom boy's exploits with group sessions are quite fascinating - it's just that wonderful wonderful Mediterranean accent.

Given he is strictly bottom we presented him with a few toys to play with during his solo which he lept on (quite literally) with glee.

Enjoy his dark handsome looks as he fills his hole and strokes out a big load. Ciao!

Sean Solo Bloke

45 year old Sean can actually be considered as a veteran in the world of amateur porn - if there is such a thing. This mature gay guy has had previous experience wanking off for the camera. He used to be a top back in his days as a bisexual. But now he prefers to bottom, though he is still versatile. Today, he wants to show that he still has what it takes to titillate onscreen.

Scorp Solo

Scorp is a cute lad who is doing his very first amateur porn shoot with us. We were thrilled that he selected Amateurs Do It exclusively.

Scorp says he prefers younger good looking guys in good shape, but then defines young as anyone under 35...boy do we have a selection of horny studs for him to hook up with in future videos!

Saxon Cock Ring

Amateur stud Saxon is a 23 year old hottie who loves to play with his own body. He has had some experience on cam and has now agreed to be shot in his own apartment. He is in his kitchen minding his own business when he suddenly feels like hot and horny… so he pulls his shirt over his head and starts touching himself, caressing his body and stroking the bulge on his crotch. In no time, he pulls down his shorts and underwear, revealing a semi-erect and totally hot cock!

Saul Impressive Cum Load

27 year old Saul is an exotic, good-looking dark-skinned amateur hunk who just wants to have some hot fun on cam. He describes himself has a gay, versatile top, and he feels that wanking off on cam would be a great new experience for him. He heads straight up into the attic and makes himself comfortable by settling down on the mattress. He gets into a horny mood right away when he slips one hand under his shirt and the other onto his crotch. He starts to stimulate himself, rubbing and caressing his body. It gets him hot enough to want to take his shirt off.

Sammy Naughty Lad

Sammy is a very cute naughty twink we loved having at Amateurs Do It and then some! With his funky hair-do, shy and adorable smile and tall, lean body, how couldn't we? Add the fact that he's got a very nice cock on him and this lad surely is a sight to behold. And while he may cum across as shy, Sammy is anything but when it comes to revealing what he likes sexually. And it sure didn't take him long to strip off his clothes and get down to business stroking his hard dick!


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