Richard Bath Cummer

30 year old Richard is a versatile gay dude who has agreed to be shot on video having fun. Saying that it is something he really wants to do, he heads straight over to the bathroom and turns on the shower. With a shaved head and multiple piercings, this guy looks totally hot… He takes off his shirt, showing off a broad, nicely muscled physique with piercings on his nipple and belly button. Then, he steps out of his pants, revealing a pair of strong, athletic legs. He goes on to take off everything else…

Paul Personal Trainer

One look at Paul and you have to know that he's a personal trainer. His body is killer! When he told us at Amateurs Do It that he wanted to do a solo jerk off session we were literally beside ourselves with sheer lust and exhiliration. Tall, very lean and muscled in the all the right places, this man is something to behold. And he's got a very uncut cock on him too. Paul likes to masturbate in a rather interesting way, preferring to have his hand over his shaft while stroking it. His blissful expressions are second to nothing too. What a hot hunk!

Part 1: Amateur 3 Way - Will, Marco And Eric

We are all about the amateur cock on AmateursDoIt, and Will, Marco and Eric have three of the most delicious dicks I think we have had on the site. All three guys are handsome and hot, and after a little bit of an interview where we find out more about them they are so turned on they really could not be held back even if we tried.

Lucas And Jordon Amateur Gay Fucking

Amateur gay fucking does not get much hotter than this! Lucas, the gorgeous, dark-eyed, tall, athletic and tattooed, 28 year-old hunk has returned once for a duo shoot this time. This amateur has never failed to satisfy in any of his previous videos and is now paired with another returnee. To the delight of all twink lovers, it is Jordon, the unfathomably handsome 19 year old with a smooth, beautifully defined lean body.

Luke Solo

Cute Aussie boy Luke is definitely an amateur, so he surely fit right in at Amateurs Do It. The poor lad is quite shy though and really had to concentrate on everything other than us as we filmed him. Luke has an all natural sexy body, even sporting a bit of a paunch belly. But the bloke sure has got a lot of sex appeal going on. And for fans of thick foreskin, Luke has a very nice uncut dick on him. He wanted to jerk off for a while before bathing and loved to play with himself in front of our film crew for all to see!

Jayce Aussie Rugged & Hairy

Jayce is a true Aussie amateur! This hairy stud told us that this is his very first time in naked front of a camera. We know that our members love hairy guys, when we first met Jayce we knew right away that he would be perfect to please!

Jayce is a rugby player and has a rugged body that makes you just want to get into a scrum with him! He arrived at our studios wearing his footy shorts, which is a real turn on! But don't worry, we get him out of those shorts pretty quickly and get him into the shower for some wet, soapy fun!

Jordon 21yo Shower Jerk

Beautiful guys come in all shapes and ages. For lovers of young twinks, Jordon could be at the top of the list of the hottest guys ever featured on This 19 year old amateur hottie has black hair and beautiful hazel eyes that really draw you in.

At 1.80 m and 65 kg, this young bloke has a nicely sculpted, lean body that is sexy and smooth all over. You can tell he's no slouch or couch potato, and he actually keeps fit by going to the gym and boxing too. I know what you're thinking, we all love a fighter!

Lachlan Tattoo Hottie

This 25 year old blonde and tattooed guy is named Lachlan. He has come in excitedly to try out what it would feel like to put on a show on camera. Enthusiastic to begin, he heads straight inside the bathroom and takes his shirt off. His bare torso is marked by colourful tattoos on his arms and shoulders. He is otherwise smooth and nicely built. As he touches himself, he goes ahead and takes off the rest of his clothes.

Kris and Dee Shy Strangers

Kris and Dee have just met for the first time and are both being shy, unsure of how to act with each other. But underneath, there is an undeniable tension that seeks to be released. Maybe it’s because we all know instantly that as hot-blooded young dudes, they are obviously horny most, if not all of the time. Dee is ruggedly handsome, with the well-built body of a rugby player. His face has a nicely trimmed moustache and beard that only adds to his masculine charm. Kris, on the other hand, is clean-cut and looks like the shy guy next door, who only gets wild at a party – or in bed!

Jasper and Kyle Hardcore Pt 2

The boys are both showered and clean, and excited after having a bit of a play in the water. The action moves into the bedroom, and Kyle is all over Jasper. Kyle's big cock is ready for a hot fuck!

But first, some 69ing and cock sucking to get things rolling. Kyle loves getting sucked off, and Jasper does his best to please! Swallowing that huge throbbing cock must feel wonderful.


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