Zayne American Backpacker

This is Zayne, a cute American that has been backpacking around Australia and decided to come into our place to show off his assets!

Zayne is quite straightforward and open, he was super keen on stripping down and showing off his long cut piece of meat, but we slowed him down a bit as we like to enjoy the show and build up a bit with his teasing. We get Zayne out of his shirt and jeans and showing off his mostly smooth chest and super hairy legs. Yum, this boy is one cute hottie!

Twink Carter Takes Str8 Boy Rocco Pt1

What is it about straight men that just make them so alluring? We are enamored with our local straight stud Rocco, we have featured him in a solo exclusive jerk off video and in a gay-for-pay first time gay sex video, and not only did our members love it but Rocco also had a great time and was keen on tapping more sweet gay ass!

Threeway - Marco, Sam And Lucas

This is not the only amateur guy threeway shoot on the site, but it is definitely one of the hottest! Sam is one of our favorite guys, and this 38 year old horny stud is back again for this hardcore trio video. He is being joined by eager Marco and Lucas for this one, and all three are really looking forward to sharing their cocks with each other.

Timothy & Alehandro Bathroom Fucked Pt1

We all love Timothy, he is one of our favourites here at Amateurs Do It. And this time, Timothy gets a special treat (it's really a special treat for all of us) and his name is Alehandro.

Alehandro is a cute 24 year old with hot latino blood flowing through his veins! That really gets Timothy going. They start out with some chat so that we can all get to know them, then into the bathroom for some passionate kissing and play time.

Timothy & Sandro Italian Double Fuck Pt1

Sandro is a hot Italian stud that is visiting and needed some extra cash, so was stoked to come across our site and the opportunity to make some cash for having sex on camera!

We thought he would be perfect with Timothy, our hot Amateurs Do It homeboy who we all know and love! Intros aside, the boys start to get to know each other with some stripping, kissing, feeling and stroking. The boys get naked and we get to see Sandro's amazing furry ass. Mmm, reminds me of our other favourite boy Arthur!

Tobias & Oakes First Fucks Online Part1

We have a sweet update for you this week and next, we pair our newest hottie Tobias with Oakes for his first ever fuck online! Tobais is a sweet boy that we all fell in love with, perhaps you will too!

Of course, the first part of this video we introduce Tobias to Oakes and let then get to know each other. But its not long before the clothes get stripped off and the boys are naked and feeling each other up. Then the sucking and oral play begins.

Ronaldo Satisfies Sandro's 9inches Pt2

Ronaldo and Sandro are sucking and rimming each other in the bathroom. The heat level is getting steamy! These boys both love cock and both have nice big thick uncut members to share with each other.

Sandro is keen on getting penetrated by Ronaldo, so he gets his leg up and spreads his hairy ass cheeks to let Ronaldo spit-lube his asshole, getting his tongue deep inside and getting both of them horned up and ready to take on that massive cock.

Ronaldo Satisfies Sandro's 9inches Pt1

We invited Ronaldo to pick out one of our cute boys to satisfy, of course he went for Sandro and his 9 inch cock! The boys arrive at our place to get to meet and know each other. They share some fun facts and tidbits before starting to strip each other down.

Sandro loves a big cock too, once he sees Ronaldo's own 9 inches he goes down and starts swallowing that massive cock. The oral pleasures begin, and the boys get excited to keep going.

Rocco and Lucas First Time Gay Sex Pt1

We have featured both Rocco and Lucas in previous updates. You may recall that Rocco is a totally straight stud, he has never actually been with another guy before! Well, our gaydar was screaming opportunity with this hottie, so we suggested he try playing with one of our best models Lucas.

This update starts out slow, with some kissing then Lucas helps Rocco remove his shirt. Rocco is a bit strange about this, so we get the boys some handheld cams so they can get used to being naked. After all, we did not want to spook our hot straight guy!

Sam and Beau Up For It

Sam and Beau are two guys in their thirties who enjoy being on cam. Sam is older by a few years and is more mature-looking but still looks appealingly sexy with his shaved head and trimmed facial hair. Beau is buff and manly, with tattoos peeking out of his shirt’s neckline. They describe themselves as exhibitionists, having done stuff like this before and admitting how much they enjoy doing so. On the couch, these two guys act like frisky teenagers with raging hormones, touching and caressing each other subtly. They just can’t wait to get the action going…


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