Drew and Tyson Fuck Pt1

We met Drew a couple of weeks ago in his solo set. This muscle stud flexed his way into our hearts, so we invited him back and introduced him to Tyson, one of our favourite tops.

The boys get to know each other in the interview, chatting and touching each other. Tyson can't seem to keep his hands off of Drew's hot muscle body, and Drew is just aching for a good hard fuck!

Drew - Ripped Muscled Eager and Hungry

For muscle lovers everywhere, we have a special treat for you this week. Meet Drew, a sexy ripped muscle stud.

Drew is not only hot as hell, he is also super eager to show off his hot body and bulging assets! This stud is hungry and we get to enjoy feeding his enjoyment as he strips off and poses for us.

Check out that amazing ass as he poses in his jockstrap, and enjoy the fantasy of Drew having his muscular arms wrapped around you.

Fede 21 Year Old Hung Top

Meet Fede, a super cute 21 year old lad that is packing some punch below the belt! Fede is here for the first time, and its his first ever time doing anything like be gentle on this hottie!

Fede starts out by introducing himself and chatting about his likes and dislikes. He then gives us a little strip show to reveal his bulky undies. We got excited when seeing him take his clothes off, knowing that this was all virgin territory for him!

Hairy Twink Arthur Returns

You guys demanded it, we listened! We have brought back our favourite twink for a second solo shoot. This boy already has a lot of fans among us, and this update will surely make quite a few new fans too!

Dee and Bryce Instant Chemistry

Dee is a 28-year old dark-haired stud from Melbourne who has agreed to do a scene with Bryce, who is 21, and comes from Sydney. It’s their first time to meet and, indeed, do something like this. It is quite understandable that they’d be a bit nervous at first but, being both in their sexual primes (read: peak horniness), a few sparks are expected to develop as they get more comfortable with each other. What isn’t expected is that the sparks would be strong enough to ignite an inferno…

Clay Fucks A 9inch Ronaldo Part1

Clay and Ronaldo are both known studs here at Amateurs Do It. So we figured, why not bring these boys together so that they can get to know each other too!

Clay and Dane Escort Fucks Escort Pt1

Meet Dane, a cute young college boy that makes a few bucks on the side as an escort. This sexy stud has a body of an athlete, tight and sexy with just the right amount of hair! But wait till you see the unveiling, Dane has an amazing horse-hung uncut cock too!

Dane and Mitch Play with Toys Part 1

Dane and Mitch met a few weeks ago on another shoot. The two of them hit it off instantly and when I asked if they wanted to come and do a shoot together they both jumped at the chance. Dane knew that Mitch had a kinky side so he came prepared with a bag full of toys and gear to play with. They delve through the pile of toys and get Mitch Bear all dressed up in the leather harness before trading blow jobs and then inserting first fingers then toys into Mitch's hairy ass.

Dan and James Blowing Galore

Daniel and James are two hot bisexual dudes who have been on cam before and are eager to get some steamy action going. Dan, 28, has done some on-cam action with other guys while James, 34, has only been in solo videos. Dan’s curly dark-hair and ultra-masculine appeal are in contrast with James classic chiselled good looks featuring short-cropped hair and a trimmed body. This only means to say that the two look awfully good together on cam and certainly promise to sizzle...

Brenton and Tyson Pt 1

Brenton is a cute bottom, Tyson is a big boy top. Both of these boys love sex.

Brenton is a shaved, cut bottom boy that is a bit shy, but still loves hooking up and getting fucked by a variety of guys. The last time he had sex was 2 weeks ago, so he was super keen on getting a throbbing cock inside him today!


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