Joe & Erik: The Interview

We always love getting to know our new amateur boys and we have an exotic mix here today with Persian Joe and Indonesian Erik making their debut performances on screen. But these two could hardly wait to get started so we cut the interview short and let them at it!

Mason & Danny: The Interview

Neither Mason or Danny are Aussie boys but we love having all sorts of amateurs here so welcome all expats with open arms. Mason is our newest amateur and cums to us from New Zealand. He wanted a new experience - and lucky him is going to get to experience how good his cock feels deep inside Danny's tight ass!. Get to know the fellas this week and be back next week to watch them fuck.

Colton and Jaxon : The Interview

These two have been wanting to hook up for a while and next week's video does not disappoint. Get prepared with our get ot know you interview.

Colton and Xavier : The Interview

Whilst Xavier has trimmed his long locks - his passion for piggery ahs diminished not an iota. colton as we've already discovered is equally fond of fuckery and the two are destined to deliver a superb scene next week. Enjoy getting to know them both .

Xavier & Killian : The Interview

Our two amateurs are both 27 years old and both have impressive locks. Their gorgeous hair is the first thing that stands out about this shoot - their cocks will impress in the full video next week! As we get to know them a little better we find out why they have long hair and what their debauch desires truly are.

It's one of our finest shoots so get back next week to watch the action - and boy what big dicked big hair action it is!

Tai & Jay : The Interview

Tai is an artist and a total bottom. Jay is a young guy who's a total top. The two guys seem to be opposites in some ways - but they do share some similarities. We'd love for you to get to know them better and then when you watch Jay fuck Tai's ass next week - they'll feel like good friends.

Xavier & Jaxon : The Interview

It takes a special kind of cocksucker to be able to swallow a 10" dick. A kind of sexual confidence that says - give me all you got big boy and I'll take it. Here we get to know what makes a man-whore with that kind of confidence tick as we interview Jaxon and big dicked Xavier.

Wyatt & Sebastian Part 1

Wyatt and Sebastian wanted to get straight to the action so our interview was a little short. We got them to get the bed made and you can tell that neither is much of a house husband. Wyatt gets Sebastian's big dick into his mouth as soon as the bed is made - and this is just the beginning folks. Part two heats up next week.

Bryce & Sebastian : The Interview

Here at we always like to get to know our amateurs before the fucking begins. Their stories as to why they are here and what they expect we feel make you more connected to them while watching them fuck. Of course most of the guys here are gay - quite a few bisexual ones but Bryce is the first one that is heteroflexible. Sebastian is just plain flexible and you already know he's going to put the new guy through some limb bending fuck positions.

Enjoy getting to know them better and cum back next week for a sensational session!

Sebastian & Danny : The Interview

God Bless the Queens - it's an all British edition of AmateursDoIt with the thorny subject of which is better England or Australia discussed in this episode. Of course it's all subjective and even our two imports thoughts differ. We're happy for all cummers to represent their onscreen fucking prowess and when they are as good looking as both these two well BRING IT ON.

Enjoy getting to know them better this week and then grab a cup of tea and cum back next week to watch these two chaps put on a jolly hot show.


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