Grayson & Colton: The Interview

Skinny twink Grayson has never fucked on camera before, but his excitement far outweighs his nerves. The director pulls he and his seasoned partner, Colton, aside to get to know one another. Colton sits back and listens as his young partner talk about his likes and dislikes, including his bisexuality and deep rooted desire to be dominated by a take-charge top. Colton can't help but crack a big, devilish smile as he thinks about giving his nearly 9 inch cock to the cute newbie. Colton may be a tank of a man, but he's also big softie.

Xavier & Danny: The Interview

Xavier and Danny are interviewed by the director in the kitchen while they playfully answer questions. They share some laughs and are doing meal prep while they talk. Shortly after the interview Danny starts biting Xavier's neck sensually.

Leeroy Solo

Leeroy quickly undresses while groping himself. He slowly removes his shirt and after he removes his belt he plays with it a little. Once his pants are off his harden is clearly visible through his briefs. Pulling his hard cock out to tease the camera before he removes his underwear. Stroking his nice hard cock and moaning while also switching and playing with his taut ass. He then gets comfortable and starts to jerk his cock. Continuing to play with his ass and switch between jerking himself he works up to his cum shot that he shoots all over his stomach and chest.

Milo & Erik: The Interview

Milo is nervous to star in his first scene but the director helps to relax him with playful banter, and his scene partner Erik helps as well. Going over some info about their sexual preferences and the last time they had sex. As well as what people say they're best at sexually. They also list off what they believe to be their best assets.

Lewis & Mason

Lewis and Mason are interviewed and ask various questions. After the interview they make the bed and proceed to start making out. Mason is the first to get out of his shirt as the two continue making out. Lewis takes off his shirt next and then eagerly pulls out Mason's hard cock and starts blowing him. The two then undress quickly and pose a little on the bed with their hard cocks out. Lewis blows Mason some more and then they make out a bit more before Mason lays Lewis down on the bed and sticks his thick hard cock in Lewis's tight hole.

Killian & Mason : The Interview

Body language is a very interesting thing to study. Just look at the body language between these two and you can easily tell they're into each other. That bodes well for a good shoot and in this pre fuck interview you can feel these two are sympatico. Enjoy the word play and make sure you get back next week for the mane event.

Joe & Erik: The Interview

We always love getting to know our new amateur boys and we have an exotic mix here today with Persian Joe and Indonesian Erik making their debut performances on screen. But these two could hardly wait to get started so we cut the interview short and let them at it!

Mason & Danny: The Interview

Neither Mason or Danny are Aussie boys but we love having all sorts of amateurs here so welcome all expats with open arms. Mason is our newest amateur and cums to us from New Zealand. He wanted a new experience - and lucky him is going to get to experience how good his cock feels deep inside Danny's tight ass!. Get to know the fellas this week and be back next week to watch them fuck.

Colton and Jaxon : The Interview

These two have been wanting to hook up for a while and next week's video does not disappoint. Get prepared with our get ot know you interview.

Colton and Xavier : The Interview

Whilst Xavier has trimmed his long locks - his passion for piggery ahs diminished not an iota. colton as we've already discovered is equally fond of fuckery and the two are destined to deliver a superb scene next week. Enjoy getting to know them both .


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