Dee - Uncut and Fit

Dee is a hot stud with breathtakingly masculine features - dark hair, sexy eyes, a strong jawline and a burly, athletic build. At 28, this fitness buff says it is only his first time to do something like this on cam. He admits to being gay but has actually had an experience with a straight dude back when he was a teenager. Like any normal, red-blooded guy his age, sex is a preoccupation and even when he’s all alone, he likes to have a great time satisfying his primal desires.

Dean Straight Not Curious

39 year old Dean is a handsome matured guy with a nicely trimmed moustache, dark hair and sexy eyes. He is totally straight and has not even thought of doing it with other guys. But he has agreed to put on a show because of his exhibitionist tendencies. He goes up into the office and settles down on the inflatable couch. Touching his body, he gets himself in the mood for some horny solo action.

Clinton Wet and Dirty

Clinton, a handsome 28 year old gay dude, is an amateur who has always wanted to be captured wanking off on cam. At 6 feet and 70 kilograms, this dark and spiky-haired guy has a trimmed goatee that gives him a cool punk-rocker type of appeal. Currently attached, he is into nicely-built and manly types of guys. A versatile bottom, he had his first sexual encounter when he was 17. A true exhibitionist, he is open to performing anything, including getting down with someone else.

Cruze Cum Loads

Gorgeous amateur Cruz could be a future gay video star. His handsome youthful face exudes a burgeoning sensuality that is hard to resist. He is sitting on a balcony of a high rise apartment, looking horny and ready for some action… He begins to touch himself through his jeans as he stares out below him. Unable to contain himself, he goes back inside to the couch where he continues to play with the bulge on his pants. He unbuttons his shirt and takes it off, revealing a smooth sexy body with a tattoo USA over the navel.

David Young and Ethnic

David is an 18 year old hottie with dark long hair and sexy deep-set eyes that suggest a hint of naughtiness underneath the seemingly innocent exterior projected by his very youthful appearance. Right on the couch, this versatile gay guy gets the action going by sliding his hands up underneath his clothes and putting them in all sorts of places; exploring ticklish spots and erogenous zones. Eager to show off more, he takes off his shirt and shows his slim body.

Dane and Mitch Play with Toys Part 2

In the cumclusion of this meeting of our two favourite kinky boys Mitch's ass is stretched by Dane's big thick cock and then by some of the toys he's brought with him. Mitch is loving every minute and his whimpering cries are expressions of the absolute pleasure his lucky hole is experiencing. His bearded face gets covered in cum and Dane blow his load for him to taste.

Dane and Mitch Play with Toys Part 1

Dane and Mitch met a few weeks ago on another shoot. The two of them hit it off instantly and when I asked if they wanted to come and do a shoot together they both jumped at the chance. Dane knew that Mitch had a kinky side so he came prepared with a bag full of toys and gear to play with. They delve through the pile of toys and get Mitch Bear all dressed up in the leather harness before trading blow jobs and then inserting first fingers then toys into Mitch's hairy ass.

Dan and James Blowing Galore

Daniel and James are two hot bisexual dudes who have been on cam before and are eager to get some steamy action going. Dan, 28, has done some on-cam action with other guys while James, 34, has only been in solo videos. Dan’s curly dark-hair and ultra-masculine appeal are in contrast with James classic chiselled good looks featuring short-cropped hair and a trimmed body. This only means to say that the two look awfully good together on cam and certainly promise to sizzle...

Brad Beefy Tattoo

Brad was eager to have himself filmed to show off the fruits of his hard work, as well as other, more natural, well, fruits… This 37 year old brown-haired guy maybe on the mature side but still looks hot from head to toe. He has piercing blue eyes and obviously takes good care of his body so it is no wonder that he would want to show himself off especially considering his exhibitionist tendencies.

Brenton and Tyson Pt 2

Brenton and Tyson are back for the second part of their hardcore fuck session.

Brenton prepped Tyson by sucking his cock and getting him excited, and from Tyson's groans, we can tell he loved it. Now its time to flip Brenton over and get that cock inside his hot ass hole.

Tyson starts with a slow grind, getting both of them into the rocking motion that we all love. They start out in a twisted position, then soon go to missionary style. These two certainly know how to work it as they move around and get into different positions for maximum enjoyment.


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