Jason and Nic Beachbum Fucking Pt1

We were at the beach with our friend Nic and were immediately attracted to Jason, a sexy blond beach bum. We just had to see him naked and thought you guys would love to see him in a hardcore shoot right away too. Nic was happy to go introduce himself to Jason and after only a few moments, Jason was agreeing to come to our studios and let us check out his full, sweet young body!

Jett and Jason Oral

Jett and Jason are both fans of having cock in their mouths. Almost as much as they are of having their cocks in someone else's mouth. So when we wanted to do a purely oral shoot - both had their cocks and mouths ready to play!

Julian and Dan Brazilian Fucks Asian

Julian is a handsome Asian guy who describes himself as a fun-loving 25 year old. He has chiselled facial features and a fit, athletic body. Dan is a curly, dark-haired dude who also loves to take it easy. Both have had experiences on cam before and are comfortable enough to let anything happen… even something hot and naughty!

Cruze USA Tattoo

It's a boring day and young amateur Cruze is lazily going about his chores in the kitchen. This brown haired, handsome 21 year old with intense and sexy eyes clearly feels like there are a lot more fun and exciting things to do around. So as soon as he finishes tidying up, he lounges around figuring out what to do. His mind, like any other hot-blooded stud, eventually drifts to thoughts of sex.

Hung Marc Fucks Tight Brenton Pt2

Amateur Australian gay porn guys Marc and Brenton are back, and Marc is extremely horny after getting a deep throat blowjob from Brenton. He wants to get his giant cock inside that hot ass of our Aussie boy Brenton.

Marc starts out by lubing Brenton up a bit with his tongue, rimming that sweet tasty ass. They move into a classic missionary position, Marc rubs his cock slowly into Brenton's own hard cock then against his tight ass, giving Brenton time to get into the rhythm. The grinding starts and so does the moaning and the pleasure!

Jacob Attic Wanking

Jacob is a dark eyed and dark haired amateur who wanted to experience what it was like to perform for the camera. He is a 30 year old gay who says he is passive in bed. He has a perpetual naughty smirk on his face that is somehow seductive in its own way. He goes straight up to the attic and wastes little time stripping off his clothes until only his boxers remain. He touches his body all over, playing with his chest and nipples.

Dee - Uncut and Fit

Dee is a hot stud with breathtakingly masculine features - dark hair, sexy eyes, a strong jawline and a burly, athletic build. At 28, this fitness buff says it is only his first time to do something like this on cam. He admits to being gay but has actually had an experience with a straight dude back when he was a teenager. Like any normal, red-blooded guy his age, sex is a preoccupation and even when he’s all alone, he likes to have a great time satisfying his primal desires.

Dean Straight Not Curious

39 year old Dean is a handsome matured guy with a nicely trimmed moustache, dark hair and sexy eyes. He is totally straight and has not even thought of doing it with other guys. But he has agreed to put on a show because of his exhibitionist tendencies. He goes up into the office and settles down on the inflatable couch. Touching his body, he gets himself in the mood for some horny solo action.

Clinton Wet and Dirty

Clinton, a handsome 28 year old gay dude, is an amateur who has always wanted to be captured wanking off on cam. At 6 feet and 70 kilograms, this dark and spiky-haired guy has a trimmed goatee that gives him a cool punk-rocker type of appeal. Currently attached, he is into nicely-built and manly types of guys. A versatile bottom, he had his first sexual encounter when he was 17. A true exhibitionist, he is open to performing anything, including getting down with someone else.

Cruze Cum Loads

Gorgeous amateur Cruz could be a future gay video star. His handsome youthful face exudes a burgeoning sensuality that is hard to resist. He is sitting on a balcony of a high rise apartment, looking horny and ready for some action… He begins to touch himself through his jeans as he stares out below him. Unable to contain himself, he goes back inside to the couch where he continues to play with the bulge on his pants. He unbuttons his shirt and takes it off, revealing a smooth sexy body with a tattoo USA over the navel.


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