Kyle Big Load

Platinum-blonde amateur Kyle is into running and fitness, and most of all, wanking off! This horny dude has a particular fondness for nipple play and it is his main way of getting stimulated. Once aroused, he is capable of some impressive things.

Look Who's Back: Rick Chester Pt2

Rick is at it again this week, going personal and having a lot of fun too. Now that we have this hottie naked, we get to sit back and enjoy watching him get to business. Rick does a great job of playing with his own cock, stroking it and enjoying performing for our cameras.

We gave Rick a choice of some toys to use, he chose his favourites and started using them. Take note, guys, this also makes a great how-to video! Sit back, grab your own sex toy and join Rick in the cock stroking fun time!

Justin Finger Fucking

Justin is a cute boy with a gorgeous smile and a handsome, friendly face. His light features and youthfulness add greatly to his undeniable appeal. He seems very happy to be in front of the camera and betrays no hint of nervousness or apprehension. He says he likes the wild and rough kind of sex and his ideal partner should have a nice, hard body. Although he classifies himself as versatile, he actually loves to be fucked.

Lucas 18yo And Hung

18 year old gay boy Lucas is a cute blonde twink with a big reputation. At 1.89 meters and 61 kilograms, this slim and beautiful young lad says he is well-endowed down there with an approximate 8.5 inches! That’s something that definitely needs to be seen… fortunately, he has agreed to be caught on cam because he loves to show off anyway – and it turns out that he does have something big to show off…

Look Who's Back: Rick Chester Pt1

Amateurs Do It is all about amateur Australian guys, but every once in a while we get to show off some pros too! This week, we just filmed the super sexy and well-hung Australian porn star Rick Chester. Yes, this is the same Rick Chester that made his name in TLA Videos such as Fucking Aussie Twinks and The Boys from Oz. Its seven years later, and he is making a comeback exclusively on Amateurs Do It. We think he looks hotter than ever!

Lockie Cheeky Smile

Cheeky blonde gay Lockie might best be described as a try-sexual – meaning he will try anything just to get himself off. Although admittedly gay, he has actually tried it with a girl before. But his main fantasy right now is to get down and dirty with a straight guy. He has experienced mutual jack off sessions with some of his straight mates, but that has only made him yearn for more. For this reason, he gets more aroused watching straight porn than gay porn because, as he says, the idea of a man dominating a woman (or maybe him) is a great turn on for him.

Jason and Nic Beachbum Fucking Pt1

We were at the beach with our friend Nic and were immediately attracted to Jason, a sexy blond beach bum. We just had to see him naked and thought you guys would love to see him in a hardcore shoot right away too. Nic was happy to go introduce himself to Jason and after only a few moments, Jason was agreeing to come to our studios and let us check out his full, sweet young body!

Jett and Jason Oral

Jett and Jason are both fans of having cock in their mouths. Almost as much as they are of having their cocks in someone else's mouth. So when we wanted to do a purely oral shoot - both had their cocks and mouths ready to play!

Junior Innocent and Silent

Junior is a cute boy-next-door type of guy who came in dressed in a long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans like he just came home from school or something. He doesn’t say much and actually remains pretty silent throughout but his sexy eyes convey a certain subtle but erotically charged need for release… He takes off all his clothes and starts to touch himself. His smooth body has a couple of tattoos – one on the chest and another on the upper back, and his pubes are trimmed. But the best part of his body is his thick uncut cock, which he seems to be fixated upon as well…

Hung Skater Boy Jesse Jerking Dick

Jesse is a real sweet young guy, a total horndog too. This lad was eager to get on film and show off his hung amateur boy cock for all the horny guys out there to appreciate, and who were we to deny him the opportunity!?

The lad is putting on a show in the bathroom to start this solo, and you can tell he is horny to get going the moment his dick is out. This lad has an impressive body, lean and with a little sexy ink too.


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