Samson and Lucas

Samson and Lucas are two gay guys in their twenties who figured that it would be fun to do a video like this. Samson has actually done it before and loved the experience so he is eager to do it again. These guys both work out to keep fit. They like watching porn featuring rough, masculine men. Lucas is hairy, with dark hair and eyes, but he shaves a lot of his body hair and has a big tattoo on the right side of his body all the way down to his hip and thigh. Samson has a semi-shaved head and trimmed facial hair and his sexy eyes are deeply set. He also has tattoos on this right arm.

Nic and Timothy Twinkie Amateurs Pt1

Twink fans, rejoice! We have two of our sexiest twinks back for an awesome hardcore suck and fuck fest. Nic and Timothy are both super keen on being back and are excited to get down to business!

The boys hit the bedroom right away and start with some passionate kissing. They peel off their shirts and jeans and have a bit of fun poking their already-hard dicks inside of their undies. You know it's gonna be hot with dicks that big!

Nic and Timothy Twinkie Amateurs Pt2

Nic and Timothy are rolling around the couch on each other, sucking cock and rimming ass, getting each other thoroughly hard. Nic mounts Timothy and starts to penetrate, Timothy moans in excitement.

Doggy style never looked so good with the close up shots in this set. We can enjoy close ups of Nic penetrating Timothy and pumping his tight ass.

The boys change positions and continue fucking deep and hard. These twinks know how to please each other and its a real pleasure watching too!

Mitch Bear Solo

This is actually Mitch's first time on camera - the threesome we shot him with after this was so hot we just had to bring it to you first. So the interview at the beginning is really interesting insight into his first time on camera. Hairy Mitch has brought along his harness and his big dildo to share the spotlight and get him in the mood. By the gallons of cum that are released at the end they definitely did the trick!

Lucas Dildo Hungry

We at Amateurs Do It always love a man with large tattoos on his body, so when Lucas came along with his super sexy body art and insatiable ass, we were beside ourselves with sheer glee. Lucas is so masculine looking with his dark hair, tattoos and long, thick cock. He really concentrates on the task at hand too, choosing to ignore us and just pay attention to getting himself off any way he can. With a very erotic dildo riding fuck going on, he certainly did that and more!

Lucas And Jordon Amateur Gay Fucking

Amateur gay fucking does not get much hotter than this! Lucas, the gorgeous, dark-eyed, tall, athletic and tattooed, 28 year-old hunk has returned once for a duo shoot this time. This amateur has never failed to satisfy in any of his previous videos and is now paired with another returnee. To the delight of all twink lovers, it is Jordon, the unfathomably handsome 19 year old with a smooth, beautifully defined lean body.

Massive Beef Fucks Tiny Chicken Pt1

What happens when you take a big, beefy stud and pair him with a cute twink? Well, we did just that when we introduced big beefy Andrew to our hot young twink Max.

The boys get to know each other a bit with some posing and muscle flexing for the cameras. They are having fun and decide to get those clothes off, helping each other get down to their undies, feeling each others bodies and getting each other excited.

Mitch and Carter Part 2

Mitch and Carter have been playing around with each other's fine dicks up this point. But that's merely the appetiser to this meaty main course. Mitch is soon in his favourite position - bent over with a big cock up his ass. He's moaning with absolute pleasure as Carter pounds his hairy butt.

The two stroke out their cum loads and lay on the floor - covered in sweat and cum and a look of pure satisfaction.

Mitch and Carter Part 1

Mitch Bear and Carter Cumalot had this whole sportswear thing worked out for this scene but after the two start vibing in the interview section it seemed like all that was besides the point. The point was that these two guys were really into each other and were horny as hell so they couldn't wait to start sucking each others rather fine cocks.

Massive Beef Fucks Tiny Chicken Pt2

Andrew and Max are back for the second part of their Massive Beef Fucks Tiny Chicken video.

The boys have already stripped down and started playing with each other, so now is the time when they get really horny and get into the fun. Andrew starts out with a massive rim job on his bottom buddy Max, meanwhile Max sucks Andrew's cock and gets his massive meat rock hard.

The two are randy and want more, so Andrew gets behind Max and penetrates him with his thick beef, slow at first, then fucking him like a pro, grabbing his body and hair and really enjoying it.


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