Rhys Amateur Jerk Off And Butt Play

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Added 12/13/2012
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We are really going international lately. Rhys is a hot and sexy gay guy from Wales, and although his accent is pretty damn horny to hear we really want to see the rest of him. You can tell he has a pretty hot bod, and it won't be long before we get to see him in action stroking his dick and working up one of his big loads. We spend some time finding out more about him and what he likes, and although he seems a little reserved in his answers, when we get the box of toys out for him to take a look through he seems interested in almost everything, from cock pumping to the massive anal toys!

Handsome Rhys starts his amateur jerk off with some great showing off, playing with the shape of his cock in his jeans. And when he finally reveals it we find a hard and pink boner with a great head and a tight pair of balls too. He's stroking that thing right away, then showing us his smooth little ass. When he said he thought his ass was his best asset, we have to agree that it's near the top of our list, along with his handsome good looks and that delicious uncut prick of his!

Rhys takes it slow, really working his cock in his grip and sliding the foreskin over the helmet. We get some great close-up action as he slides his cock into a pump and gets it even bigger, but it's the ass play that really captures our attention as he slides one toy in to ease his smooth butt open and then replaces it with a thicker toy to really stretch out that hole.

Rhys really gets off on the ass play, wanking his hard cock as we help him out and fuck his ass with the toy for him. It takes him right to the edge but he holds that cum back until he's laying on the bed and wanking himself off to squirt his cream out over his ginger pubes!

We can't wait to have him back after this great amateur jerk off shoot.