Amateur Wanking Video With Samuel

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Added 01/10/2013
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Samuel is a cute young twink with a little experience in modeling, but nothing hardcore. He is pretty experienced when it comes to enjoying hardcore porn though, despite his Christian upbringing, so I guess he has a good idea of what guys like to watch on video. He is a twink fan, like so many of us are, and he suits that perfectly too. It's clear already that a lot of the other amateur guys we film will be more than a little interested in getting on cam with this cute lad.

It is not just gay guys who are a little interested in him it seems. When he was younger he fooled around with a straight mate to, wanking and sucking each other and getting those cum shots flowing. I guess we have all had some youthful explorations like that though.

After finding out plenty about Samuel we really get into the amateur wanking video, snapping him as he strips off, showing that skinny twink body. Already it's clear that his dick is thickening up in his pants, with the bulge of his cock a teasing us and making us want more.

And we get a lot more too when he finally drops those jean and his dick is filling out his little pink briefs. His meaty cock is too big to stay in those for too long, and when he releases it and gets to work we see a thick cut dick that is not far from pumping out a creamy load already!

This is a really hot amateur wanking video, with some great views of his tight smooth ass and some close-up cock stroking action too to get us to a cum load.
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